Christmas at Suskie

Shoehorn Ornaments by Kat Rodriguez

The holidays are coming up fast and tis' the season for gift giving. What better way to capture the holiday spirit then by creating ornaments for a Christmas tree? I recently designed three characters (a snowman, penguin, and Santa) for a very uniquely original ornament. My Shoehorn Ornaments are all lovingly hand-painted and finished with a red ribbon. I wanted to create a gift that was special to me and that I could share with others. I like re-imagining items from their original purpose to then utilize them in a whole new manner (proof that I watch too much of the HGTV show Flea Market Flip, but I digress.) So, when I had the opportunity to paint on a few shoehorns, I realized their higher potential. 

Ornaments are sold separately, but there is a deal for the set of three. A limited amount are available, so if you know someone who would love these or want one for yourself, make sure to order yours soon and before the Christmas chaos.

More information about my Shoehorn Ornaments and where you can purchase them is at