'Fall Feline' Print Fundraiser Results


November 30th marked the end of the 'Fall Feline' Print Fundraiser at Suskie. I'm happy to say that we raised $56 for the WHS! Thank you to everyone who shared this fundraiser and purchased a print so the proceeds could go to a great cause.

And what perfect timing... 

Today is Giving Tuesday and all donations made today to the WHS are matched! So that was a nice surprise today.

The WHS does great things and I loved being able to do this and hope you loved sharing the love this holiday season (lots of love). Your generosity will go far. 'Fall Feline' was my first fundraiser, and it won't be the last, that's for sure. Below are a few screenshots of the donation transaction. I had to share the last message because it is for all who donated.


November Work in Progress

November WIP of  Vermillion Medallion

November WIP of Vermillion Medallion

With the Pop-Up Gallery Show in Wauwatosa quickly approaching, I've been busy working on a few new pieces. My favorite so far are the circle canvas wall plaques I've been making. The colors and lines I create are given a new way to interact with the borders of the canvas. I've also been trying to use color in the background instead of white to enhance the intensity of a few of the pieces. I love color so this was a nice change of pace for myself.

The artwork above and a couple more of these circle pieces will be for sale at the Pop-Up Gallery Show, November 20th. Join the event Facebook page here.

October Work in Progress

I'm using canvas to lay over circle plaques. These pieces are guided by the Migraine Series and bursts of color. What's really interesting to me for this piece so far is the upward growth of the 'dendrites' and how they are expanded off the canvas. I hope to create a couple of these to compliment each other. Stay tuned for more :)

The Treble with Alzheimer's

The Woven Images reception went well in September. The original end date for this show has been extended to November 5. So you have an extra month to check out the fibers pieces there. Since there are no descriptions for the pieces at the show, I decided to explain why my piece is called 'The Treble with Alzheimer's':

Playing the violin was a monumental part of my life from the fourth grade all the way to my senior year of High School, and something I found my Abuelito to be very proud of. Right around the time his mind was consumed by Alzheimer's disease, I played violin at a family function. From then on out, he couldn't remember my name, but he remembered me playing the violin and called me the Violin Girl. Unfortunately, the disease took its course, and as time went on, he was gone. I began college and played in the Milwaukee Community Orchestra for one semester, but found I wanted to focus more so on my work as an artist. The violin was put away and mostly not played anymore.

My vision for this project was to show a measure of silent music that deteriorates towards the end. The absence of the notes are overran by the geometric shapes that are to stress the idea of something being corrupted, obliterated or gone missing as did my practice of the violin and my Abuelito's memory. This parallel was something I wanted to express, and felt that with fibers it communicated quite nicely. An added music stand holds the piece up, and a violin bow holds it all together. 

The Treble with Alzheimer's by Kat Rodriguez

The Treble with Alzheimer's by Kat Rodriguez

The Woven Images show runs from September 10 - November 5 at the Kenilworth Square East 3rd Floor Exhibition Space. Open and free to the public on Saturdays 12-5pm. If you snap any photos at the event, use #KatRodriguezArt on your Instagram or other social media so I can see and share your wonderful photos on my Facebook page.